Monday, July 16, 2012

Football Already?

It is mid July, which means that it is time for my way too early football coverage to begin. We are only a few short weeks from preseason action and well within drafting season for all the most casual fantasy players.

So how could there possibly be enough going on for a blog entry you may be asking. The answer is much more complex than the question, but the short answer is that there is only not enough going on for most mainstream fans. Baseball season is barely passed the halfway point and the Tour de France and Olympics will fill the public imagination for the rest of July.

But for the "hardcore" and for the multi sport fantasy players, football season cannot come soon enough. There are those among us (me) who have been eyeing the calendar, waiting for a date close enough to September to begin hounding friends and family about picks leagues, fantasy trades, and Sunday parties.

That time is now. With my major keeper league less than a month from draft day, I was far past excited for football to start. With Drew Brees signing for my Saints and Matt Forte receiving a new contract from the hometown Bears, I can no longer wait for the season to begin. FOOTBALL STARTS NOW!

Within the next few weeks I will be posting on the blog, getting a reader picks league going, presenting my preseason rankings and standings projections, and maybe even putting a G+ fantasy league put together. (I also have an open spot in my big keeper league with Ryan Mathews at $6)

I'm looking forward to sharing this Fall of Fantasy and Football with my readers!