Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bears vs Packers 9/13/09 1st half

Cutler looked terrible through the first half. He was dismantled by a Packers defense that many had written off as still having too much to learn. 3 interceptions show me that Cutler still has a lot of maturing to do in the NFL.

He whined his way out of Denver and now his numbers are those of a quarterback with performance issues. Even if you remove the interceptions from his first half numbers, Cutler is still under performing. He would have been 8/19 for 127 yards. That is 42% passing, for an average of 6.7 yards.

Unfortunately for Cutler, the three pics do count, as does the sack. This "franchise quarterback" should not be jawing with rookies on the packers defense, and should maybe start playing like some of his contemporaries.

Starting his Bear's career by matching his game high pic total, in just one half of playing, is not a good way to endear himself to Chicago, and shows why Josh McDaniels was shopping him around in the offseason.

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