Friday, October 7, 2011

Beast or Breakable 4

49ers - Breakable
While the 49ers have gone out and won some big games, I think that before long, question will begin to arise once again at quarterback. Alex Smith is not the answer and the stellar running backs on this team can not do it all by themselves.
The Niners can easily win this division by piecing together 7 wins, but I'm not buying into their wins so far.

Chiefs - Breakable

So the Chiefs won a game against the Vikings. There is nothing to see here. When two 0-3 teams play, someone has to win. They looked uninspired (understandable after losing your franchise running back) and failed to score a TD until a corner slipped while covering Bowe. Succup, the kicker has proven himself to fantasy football players everywhere, but he does not come close to making the Chiefs relevant.

Giants - Beast

This team lives and dies with Eli Manning. This past week he showed that he still has the capability to come back and win games in amazing fashion. As long as Eli keeps playing to his potential and Giants fans aren't subjected to the bad Eli, this team has a shot at the NFC East. In a division that can be theirs with consistent play, the Giants might have a team that can stay just above mediocre. 

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