Friday, August 31, 2012

Michigan State and 9/1 Pick

I thought I had gotten it right. I thought Michigan State would dominate Boise.

This did not happen at all. After making an observation about how good Maxwell looked on twitter (@kingoflakemoor), he went on to self destruct and throw more bad passes than anyone ever needs to.

I have not yet had the chance to watch most of the 2nd half, but be assured that I will and that I will then have more to say about Maxwell.

Boise is essentially eliminated from the public consciousness with this loss and it will be their last year of whining about the BCS as they join a real conference next year.

So now moving on from this 0-2 start (0-3 if you count the under hitting in the Boise/MSU game,) there is a very diverse slate of games for the first day of September. I was very tempted to take Notre Dame over Navy, but it seemed too easy.

Instead, my pick will be West Virginia -24.5 vs Marshall. This isn't really  a rivalry game as much as it is a free win for the Mountaineers. I am not expecting much from Marshall in this one and WV should win easily.

I will spend my morning watching the Badgers dismantle northern Iowa and Northwestern play Syracuse, which should be a great game if anyone is looking for a game to watch.

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