Thursday, October 8, 2009


The horsecollar call on Nebraska was ridiculous. The fact that it almost kept mizzou in the game, along with the "completion" on 3rd down following it are a testament to the falling quality of referees. (lakers game, I know they are subs, but still)

The pass interference call was right on, but Nebraska should have never been put in the situation if it weren't for the bad officiating leading up to it.

Gabbert looked terrible in the 4th quarter and the Mizzou o-line was doing nothing to support him. The 4th and 20 was a microcosm of the 4th quarter.

With Helu's TD it was clear who wanted it more. Hopefully mizzou can rebound from this loss and Helu's injury is nothing serious. The mizzou offensive line needs some serious help.

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