Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pick for 9/6

Raise your hand if you had the Cowboys winning by 7 last night. Now put your hand down, you are lying. Obviously the Giants didn't cover the spread, losing outright and looking bad in a huge game.

The Giants have no RB depth behind Bradshaw and everyone looked flat but Martellus Bennent who was slow at times. It could be a long year for Eli and company, but there are a lot of games yet to be played.

As far as today's pick goes, I am looking at the Pitt/Cincinatti game. I found Cincinnati -4.5 on Matchbook, so I'm going to run with that number. Seeing as this game opened at 2.5 and can be found now at 5.5, its obvious who is the bigger fish in this game. With how poorly Pitt played last week I'm surprised its not more. I won't be able to watch this one tonight, but it should be a good one, more exciting than last night at the very least. The BearCats are an aggressive team and that makes for good TV.

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