Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The NFL is here!

Split my Lynx pick last night, but won against the spread. Streak for the Cash this month had started pretty rough and I am having trouble stringing wins together.

In order to win our yearly contest, all I need to do is avoid an absolute tanking... but on to the NFL!

The Cowboys and Giants kick off the season in just about 12 hours. With the Cowboys dealing with a variety of injuries and their recent inability to beat the Giants, I am not sure they can win this game. If Demarco Murray shows up in a big way there is a chance, but with the limited reps that Cowboys starters received this preseason, the Giants could go up big early and never look back.

Add the homefield advantage for the defending champs and I have to take the Giants-3.5 over the Cowboys.

Enjoy the opener and good luck in your fantasy matchups!

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