Friday, September 23, 2011

Beast or Breakable 2

In this weekly feature, I will take a look at some of the upsets against my picks. Teams will be discussed and classified as either "beast" meaning they have a shot at continuing their strong play, or "breakable" meaning that they got lucky.

New Orleans Saints - Beast

The Saints came out and showed that their defense can hold well enough to beat anyone but the best of offenses. With a schedule lacking in monster offenses, the Saints can make a run with their high powered offense.
Look for the Saints to score 24+ points a week and blow out a few teams on their schedule.

Tennessee Titans - Breakable

The Titans came out and blew away the Ravens who were not ready for a passing attack of such a high caliber. Chris Johnson continues to look like the underachiever he will be this season, and Ringer, although he looked good in this game, will not be able to shoulder the entire load.
The Titans do not have many more wins that are within their grasp for this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Beast

After a horrendous Week 1 against Baltimore, the Steelers and Big Ben showed the league that they are still the team to beat in the AFC North with a complete shutdown of Seattle. Granted, the Seahawks are terrible and suffer from a lack of performers in both the rushing and passing attacks, but the Steelers beat them soundly.
Look for Pittsburgh to cruise through the rest of their schedule without much trouble and win the AFC North.

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