Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beast or Breakable 3

In this weekly feature, I will take a look at some of the upsets against my picks. Teams will be discussed and classified as either "beast" meaning they have a shot at continuing their strong play, or "breakable" meaning that they got lucky.

Buffalo Bills - Beast

I have featured them in this segment before, but they are continuing to show just how talented they are. With a tremendous upset over the Patriots, (one that knocked me out of almost every eliminator pool I was in) the Bills showed that they can hang with the best teams in the NFL and capitalize on mistakes to win games. I now have the Bills at 8-8 for the year and if they can overcome some of their division rivals, they could easily be a surprise playoff team.

Tampa Bay Bucs - Beast

The Bucs know the teams in the NFC South well enough to win in close games. If Atlanta is not going to be a real contender this year and drop all of their close games, the team that stands to gain the most is the Bucs. Although the Panthers and Saints can outperform Tampa Bay on offense, Tampa's young and talented defense can keep them just close enough to win in the 4th quarter. The Bucs can win enough of their own games, so if Atlanta continues to falter, look for Tampa Bay to take control of their own destiny and maybe squeeze into the playoffs.

Tennesee Titans - Breakable

I had the Titans here last week after their upset win over the Ravens, and they will be here every time they win a game they shouldn't. The Titans looked really bad against one of the worst teams in the league and probably won't look any better once they get into the meat of their schedule. Chris Johnson continues to pay for his greed during the offseason and probably won't look like his old self until mid-season. This is not a good team and if they manage to win anywhere near 8 games I would be surprised.

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