Thursday, September 8, 2011


Great game by both sides. The wounds are still too fresh to talk about the Packers, but I will say that they played a great game. I have nothing hateful or negative to say.

Except about Woodson. I have enjoyed his play in the past and thought of him as a good player. I hope he finds himself fined and suspended for his actions.

As far as the saints go, there was a lot of room for improvement.

P-Rob can not cover a #1 receiver.

I love Ingram as much as anyone, but you can not put the game in a rookie's hands when you have so many weapons available.

Defensively, weak play for the first half gradually gave way to a decent game toward the end. Getting Will Smith back in 2 weeks will do wonders for the defense.

In the end, it was the Colston fumble, the botched 4th and 1, and that final goal line decision that were the major points for me.

Overall the team looked good enough to play with the best in the NFC. I look forward to seeing the packers again in the NFC championship game.


  1. The stuff at the end of the game was not Ingram's fault. The coach made that call because he has faith in his line to crack open a seam. Ingram took the only seam there was when the big Packer D-line pushed pasted the line of scrimmage. Also in that seam was Hawk, who had the perfect height jump to clear the line but maintain his direction and slow Ingram while the rest of the Packer's leaping in pulled him down and back.

    75% of coaches in the NFL would call that same play in that situation, and every team needs to be able to say, "Yes, we can run for one yard when everyone watching knows we are going to run down the middle." You cannot say that is was a bad call or he ran it poorly, it was the o-line that were not lower than the packer's d-line.

  2. @Ronoc, without a doubt the line did not do a satisfactory job, however a running back needs to know his strengths. Ingram, with his size and power, should have gone low when he hit the line. Instead, he tried to get vertical and was unsuccessful. I agree that an O-Line needs to be able to guarantee a 1 yard gain, and with the size and talent of the Saint's from 5, I would expect even Sproles to be able to gain a yard at a time.

    You want the ball in the hands of a proven player in a situation like that, and Ingram is not yet proven.