Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beast or Breakable

In this weekly feature, I will take a look at some of the upsets against my picks. Teams will be discussed and classified as either "beast" meaning they have a shot at continuing their strong play, or "breakable" meaning that they got lucky.

Chicago Bears - Beast

Although the falcons played unusually badly, this stemmed from mismatches that the Bears should be able to replicate against other teams.

A fantastic outing from the defense was the highlight here, and if this unit is healthy, there is no reason to think that they wont be able to stop some of the league's best teams. We will know a lot more after they play the saints next week, but I expect my Bears projections to have them winning a few more games.

Buffalo Bills - Beast

Turnovers certainly helped the Bills, but QB Ryan Fitzpatrick showed that he could make plays and finish off drives. 208 yards passing and 4TDs shows that he can play both in the redzone and while driving.

The Chiefs played badly, but looked decent enough on defense to beat a young team like the Bills. I think Buffalo is for real, but a tough schedule will make any real success difficult to capture. The offensive stars should have fantastic fantasy years, and the Bills won't be blown out like they were last year, but I do not believe that they will be able to gain any victories from better play.

Washington Redskins - Breakable

Rex Grossman came out and played like the version of himself that made the Bears throw away their shot at a Super Bowl. It will not last. The Redskins played fantastically against the Giants and showed that they have players on the team that can become great. A coaching staff that has what it takes to win, paired with talented players should be able to string together some victories, but without a quarterback who shows consistency, I believe they will fall short in close games.

The rest of the teams on the schedule will not be as injured or come out as sluggish as the Giants did. Although the Redskins won this game for themselves and have a relatively easy schedule, I do not think they will win many more games than I have projected.

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