Saturday, September 24, 2011

NCAA Game of the Week

USC vs Arizona State

Although USC is ineligible for everything that matters this year, playing with less top tier players than they are used to, and having been discarded by the media, they are 3-0. Now that they have cracked the top 25 and will be in the meat of their PAC-12 schedule, expect a win over Arizona State to launch them into the headlines.

But this win is anything but guaranteed. Arizona state has looked great at times this year and has the potential to finish in the top 3 of a tough PAC-12. The Sun Devils are hosting as a 2.5 point favorite and have the skill players to hang a significant amount of points on USC.

The game should be close into the 4th quarter, but I have a feeling USC will pull away toward the end of the game. A superior offense will eventually wear down Arizona State's underrated defense.

This is a late start game. 915 Central time kickoff means that this game should run past midnight. It is available on ESPN 3 and is a great one to watch if you have a chance to see some PAC-12 action.

28-14 USC over Arizona State

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